OK. This has been a busy few days. Don’t get excited. It will slow down again very soon now I have pretty much got everything back up and running.

As a bonus over the last few weeks I have been looking at Html5. As is my way I started writing a game to learn. In this case I have started with Asteroids as it is a good example of line drawing polygons and rotations. I actually already had a large part of an Asteroids game already written but in my haste I only tested in Chrome and it turned out it only partially worked in varying degrees in the other main browsers ( FireFox, Safari, Opera ). I have now started re-writing it but I am testing on all of the four browsers. This slows down development somewhat while I discover the quirks of each one but the result should be working game for you and a much better knowledge of what is currently implemented in all the browsers.

It is just an Html page with some javascript so there is nothing to stop you from saving the page and claiming it as your own work. If you do take all or part of the code I would appreciate a mention and a link back to the original code. Thanks.