Some more work has been done on the game framework. This time working on the original 16 colour version. Various tweaks have been made and some new features.

The engine now allows you to specify which layers can collide. Each update it will use this information to check for sprite collisions. It’s quite basic so if a sprite has collided ( pixel perfect collisions.. none of that bounding box rubbish 🙂 ) the sprite collided flag is set. The game can then decide what to do about it. What you don’t know is what sprite you collided with. That may come later if I need it.

You can also now Write Strings centered horizontally and you can do write to any bitmap. It’s still a bit of a hack add-on just to get the game done. Will revisit this at some point.

Sprites can be given a lifespan ( in frames ). If supplied then this count will decrease each frame and when it hits zero the sprite will be marked as dead and removed.

You can now delete all sprites in a layer.

Finally to test all this goodness I have released another Game Listing. Flappy… based on the Flappy Bird game which appeared, went ballistic and disappeared faster than I update this site. This is an actual complete playable game this time.

Go ahead… visit the page.. grab the code, save it and try it… and then improve it.

Simple Platformer
Simple Platformer

As is the usual for me I haven’t posted anything here for ages !. It must be almost Christmas.
I have been busy though. Messing around still with the GameFramework. After several iterations I have something approaching useful… at least useful for me.
I recently also adapted the GameFramework to run as an original GameBoy, complete with visible pixel borders and ghosting.
As a working example I have created a new menu section under html5. I call it Game Listings and in here I intend to post the full source code for sample games. First up is Simple Platformer in Original GameBoy style. This is a fully stand alone .html page. Simply type it in ( I’m kidding!.. copy/paste is allowed and recommended ). save as an .htm file and run in a browser.
After that you can view the source and edit if you wish.


So I finally got round to setting up my laptop for some Android Development. I then created a ‘Hello World’ application and had a look round round at all the files that were needed.
Hmmpphh.. I’m gonna need to do some investigation. I did try to get a splash screen up.. every app needs a splash screen right ?.
It sounds like something simple and I’m sure it is but when this is your first Android app AND you havent touch Java for many years ( Im guessing around 10 at least ) its not so simple.
Suffice to say I did some searches on the web… found some examples… got my head round what it involves… made the changes to the manifest and created a new layout and wrote some code and…. (drumroll)… it didnt work (cue sad trombone sound).
I did get a chance to do some debugging but I never did get it working properly. Then I ran out of time.
Still… some progress huh ?… and it gives me more time to think of an idea for an actual app that I can write… idea’s anyone ?