So I finally got round to setting up my laptop for some Android Development. I then created a ‘Hello World’ application and had a look round round at all the files that were needed.
Hmmpphh.. I’m gonna need to do some investigation. I did try to get a splash screen up.. every app needs a splash screen right ?.
It sounds like something simple and I’m sure it is but when this is your first Android app AND you havent touch Java for many years ( Im guessing around 10 at least ) its not so simple.
Suffice to say I did some searches on the web… found some examples… got my head round what it involves… made the changes to the manifest and created a new layout and wrote some code and…. (drumroll)… it didnt work (cue sad trombone sound).
I did get a chance to do some debugging but I never did get it working properly. Then I ran out of time.
Still… some progress huh ?… and it gives me more time to think of an idea for an actual app that I can write… idea’s anyone ?

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