Just for a bit of fun I came up with this simple implementation of Conway’s Game of Life.

I have added a bit of spice by giving a bunch of parameters which you can tweak. Settings are :

  • Colour of Live cells
  • Colour of Dead cells
  • Speed
  • Alpha. 1 = solid, 0 = transparent.
  • Cell Size
  • Border Size ( 0 = no border between cells )
  • Canvas width ( number of horizontal pixels within the canvas ). Canvas physical width is 480
  • Canvas Height ( number of vertical pixels within the canvas ). Canvas physical height is 480.

The Refresh button with restart the simulation with a randomly populated screen using the given settings.

The other five buttons are preset settings that I have given as examples of the sort of things you can achieve by tweaking the settings.


One thought on “Conway’s Game of Life

  1. I have always wanted to do something with that engine but I could never think of anything useful that it could be used form.

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