Stop the yellow doo da’s as they drop down.

Click on a gun to fire. Each gun takes time to recharge.

The doo da that land will climb each other to reach the guns and disable them.

Every few doo da’s you kill will reduce the height of the doo da tower.

Game ends when all guns are disabled.

3 thoughts on “QB Defend ( Rough Idea )

  1. Its interesting once I figured out that the beam has a little delay that allows it to kill more than one block. Needs a way to be able to recover the lost guns.

  2. Thats still something that is eluding me.
    Currently when you shoot a certain number of enemies the tower drops by one. When it drops below a gun then the gun will become active again. I dont like that though. It needs some sort of ‘other’ action you can do to knock the tower down. Thanks for taking a look šŸ™‚

  3. I like it too! But I agree that there needs to a way to recover when you goof it up. Maybe every successful shot shortens the queue, or something along those lines.

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