What with this being a bank holiday weekend I finally found some time to re-visit the Asteroids prototype code I wrote a while back.
Since I wrote the original I learnt a bit more about JavaScript so I decided to pretty much start again from scratch. The code is a bit more OO this time.

It still doesn’t actually constitute a game yet but it has been written from the outset to be a fully fledged game. It has various stages from the intro page to the main page, high scores, play game, and enter initials. On screens where the ship is visible you can fly around but thats about it. Pressing the Fire Key will cycle through the game stages.
It can and does now write text and numbers onto the screen. All of which are made up of lines just like the game.
I’m quite pleased with it. I hope you like the progress I have made. I hit a few issues which I had to workaround but the result is that it works in all the big browsers ( FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari ) except IE.

Click on the image if you want to give it go.

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