The time between updates is huge but this is still being worked on.

My current goal is implementing some sort of sounds. In keeping with the general theme of ‘no external media’ the first challenge was how ( if possible ) can you create and play a sound in javascript. The answer is that it is possible. You can create a wav file in memory and then get the audio tag to reference it.

A big thank you must be given to Steven Wittens (Here) for showing how this can be done.

 The bad news is that for some reason Opera doesnt want to play ball. So for sounds I am now reduced to a list of Firefox, Safari and Chrome as browser platforms. I’m hoping that eventually Opera will fall in line.

 Of course next I needed some way of generating sounds. I wanted to work it out for myself and I have something that allows me to make something approaching usable sounds. There is also the issue of having several sounds playing. The control of the audio tag is still currently very limited so I need to try out a few different ways to come up with what I think works best.

The code I have is still very much rough and ready and until I clean it up a little bit I dont want to release it.

So… to sum up… I have something… but Im not sharing… yet.

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